The Zoltán Kodály Women's Choir of the Ilona Andor Friend's Association was founded in Autumn 1995 as the successor of the Budapest Kodály Choir lead by late Ilona Andor. Andor, the distinguished music educator who worked for decades in the famous Budapest girls' school the Ranolder Institute (later renamed Leövey) was the holder of several awards, and the beloved teacher of thousands of girls.
Ranolder Institute Girls School celebrated its 120th birthday in 1995, and the Zoltán Kodály Women's Choir was founded in order  to share in this anniversary, and to recall the great decades of the Budapest Kodály Choir.
The members and the present leader, Andrea B. Horváth, were Ilona Andor's students. They want to pass on the spiritual legacy of their beloved teacher, who was one of the most dedicated interpreters of the female works of the great Hungarian composers Kodály and Bartók. The choir wishes to perform the most beautiful works of the repertoire by interpretating them authentically to young audiences, too.
Andrea B. Horváth is the leading teacher of the Fazekas Mihály School, Budapest (one of the best known in the country).  She is an acknowledged lecturer in methodology of Kodály, and since 1977 has been choirmaster for  music seminars in Italy, organized by Accademia Musicae Pro Mundo.  She also holds a number of awards for outstanding work as music educator.